The advertising tarpaulin is both flexible and light, it adapts as well to an outdoor environment as to an indoor use.

The large outdoor tarpaulin hangs everywhere and several possible missions can be entrusted to it: to indicate, to inform, to decorate ...

Easy to set up, a tarpaulin can be installed everywhere: shops, salons, fairs, exhibitions, sales outlets, sporting or cultural events, etc.

Make your advertising messages visible from afar thanks to a low-cost creation surface that promises very good spin-offs in terms of acquiring new customers.

You are offered a wide choice:

- PVC tarpaulin (500g / m²): Resistant to atmospheric agents, it adapts to promotional communication outdoors.

Available dimensions: 200 x 80 cm, 300 x 100 cm, 148 x 100 cm, 300 x 200 cm or customized (min 20 cm)

- Micro-perforated tarpaulin (260 g / m²): Vinyl canvas ideal for resisting gusts of wind on scaffolding. Durable printing and robust finishes for maximum security in the most difficult situations.

Custom dimensions (min 20 cm)

- TNT tarpaulin (95 g / m²): Non-woven fabric covering, disposable and inexpensive. The print rendering offers high definition and brilliant colors. This tarp is ideal for indoors or temporary outdoor events.

Custom dimensions (min 50 cm)

- Cloth cover: Ideal for obtaining a glossy and defined impression. This tarp is perfect for indoors and is available in three types of fabric:

            - 100% polyester 100% (235 g / m²)

            - Anti-wind flag canvas (115 g / m²)

            - Luxury flag canvas (130g / m²)

Custom dimensions (min 50 cm)

- Double-sided tarpaulin (600 g / m²): Advertising media that can be personalized on both the front and back, printed on a three-layer material to guarantee maximum visibility and gloss.

Custom dimensions (min 20 cm)

 - Tarpaulins for barriers: Covering for barriers of different materials:

            - Extreme PVC (500 g / m²)

            - Micro-perforated (260 g / m²)

            - TNT (95 g / m²)

Available dimensions: 250 x 84 cm, 229 x 73 cm or customized (rectangular)


We let you choose whether or not you want to add eyelets to your advertising cover.

We offer traditional aluminum or resistant polycarbonate eyelets.

Black or white tensioners are available at an additional cost, please indicate this in your request.

Price : Upon request


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